IT'S OFFICIAL -- Rabbi Suri Krieger is B'nai Or of Boston's Rabbi and Spiritual Leader!

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Our SHABBAT SERVICES, held throughout the year on the average of twice monthly, are creatively filled with prayer, song, storytelling, dance and meditation. Unless otherwise noted, all of our services, will be held in our spiritual home at First Parish in Waltham, 50 Church St., Waltham. Directions to First Parish in Waltham can be found HERE.

Each month is filled with many other opportunities to gather in community. Consult our calendar for other services, programs or events.


MARCH 2017
Friday, March, 3, 7:30 PM. Kabbalat Shabbat Service (Parashat Terumah) led by Rabbi Suri. Chapel FPW. Host Tribe: Nonami.

Saturday, March 11, 6:00 PM. Stayin' Alive PURIM Megillah & Dance CELEBRATION led by Rabbi Suri and Members of the B'nai Or Community. Costumes encouraged (anything goes). Refreshments (hamantashen, of course!) will be services. $5 donation at the door. Whitcomb Hall-FPW. For DETAILS, click HERE.

Saturday, March 25, 10:00 AM. Shabbat Morning Service (Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei - Shabbat HaChodesh) led by Rabbi Suri & Eshet Hazon Dr. Julie Leavitt. A celebratory Oneg Kiddush, following the morning service, will be sponsored by Rabbi Suri and Executive Director Teresa Lessin in honor of their March 17 birthdays. Chapel FPW.

APRIL 2017
Saturday, April 8, 10:00 AM. Shabbat Morning Service (Parashat Tzav - Shabbat HaGadol) led by Rabbi Suri. Whitcomb FPW.

Tuesday, April 11, 6:00 PM. Community Passover 2nd Seder led by Rabbi Suri. This is a catered event, RSVP's required (email Cost: $30 per adult (+18 years); $20 Children/Youth (Ages 3-17). Mail CHECK, payable to B'nai Or of Boston, to: B'nai Or of Boston, PO Box 400715, Cambridge, MA 02140. Note: Seder on Memo line. SPACE IS LIMITED.

MAY 2017
May 5-7. Community Retreat led by Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Keiner. Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conf. Center. Click HERE for details including weekend schedule, costs, and registration materials.

Saturday, May 20, 10:00 AM. Shabbat Morning Service (Parashat Behar-Bechukotai) led by Rabbi Suri. Whitcomb Hall FPW. Lunch & Learn following morning service. Watch for details.

JUNE 2017
Sunday, June 4, 4:00 PM. SPRING COMMUNITY MEETING. Whitcomb Hall. Watch for details.

***NEW DATE*** Friday, June 16, 10:00 AM. Kabbalat Shabbat in Nature Service (Parashat Beha'alotcha) led by Rabbi Suri at her home in Westborough. Service will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

Saturday, June 24, 10:00 AM. ***Bar'chu Shabbat & BBQ co-led by Rabbi Suri and the B'nai Or Men's Group. Location TBA. Watch for details!

JULY-AUGUST 2017 Summer Shabbat Services
Watch for details!

On-going Programs:
Annual Community Retreat/ Tribes/ Tikkun Olam Upcoming Events/ Chanting/ JL Scholarship Fund